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Stop ruining my escapist fantasies, Sarkeesian haters

Oddly, when someone raises these issues, the people who have been stridently defending their games as “just games” switch to explaining why having women in other roles is unrealistic. A gritty, stylized world built on the corpses of women is defended as a way for gamers to escape from reality, but if someone points out that it makes them uncomfortable, they’re told that they’resupposed to be uncomfortable — after all, it’s just showing how the world really is. When my colleague Andrew complained that the female characters in GTA V had minor, one-note parts, someone explained that this was natural because “there are no women pulling bank heists or cold killing people on a massive scale in real life.” If your first instinct was to mention Bonnie and Clyde, that’s beside the point. Nobody on earth is randomly hijacking cars in broad daylight and running over hundreds of pedestrians.”

It's Time We Let Women Be Horrible Monsters

"Women have it tough in the gaming world. As progress and diversity in gaming chugs along there is an issue, I feel that isn’t addressed as much because it seems silly to think about it. There are no horrible monster women. There are just monster women. Hot, sexy, monster women, and that’s unfortunate since I know plenty of women who want nothing more than to be a giant werewolf creature that murders a bunch of immortal elves wandering the forest."


This is Théoden, or Theo for short. He’s my new roommate! <3

We adopted Théoden from the Humane Society this past weekend. His former name was “Porter” and he is a pretty old guy (13 years). Sadly, his previous owner had brought him in to have him euthanized. She said that she could not afford to move with him and asked to have him put down because “he was old anyways”. But because he was still healthy, alert, and friendly, the shelter refused to euthanize him and put him up for adoption instead.

When I started looking at adoption possibilities, I learned that the Humane Society has a category of animals labeled “Forget Me Not”. These are animals considered “less adoptable”, animals that have been waiting in the shelter for weeks and even months, maybe even for no other reason that they are old, or shy, or meow funny, or have a missing eye or ear or foot. There’s nothing wrong or “broken” about these cats, and all they want is a new human to love! I made up my mind to adopt a “Forget Me Not” cat from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Humane Society.

Théoden-formerly-known-as-Porter was a shelter favorite. The staff all loved him and played with him daily, and while they were sad to see him go, they were very happy that he has found the right home after spending almost two months in limbo! Théoden is a big grumbly old man - he weighs almost 17 pounds - but is a soft, gentle, loving, smoochable fellow. His favorite new hobby involves plopping down right in front of the floor fan so that his fur can blow everywhere. He also enjoys chasing laser pointers, drinking water out of places that are not his water bowl, receiving chin scratches, headbutting affectionately, and sleeping derpily in my bookshelf. He may be old, but he surely has many years of loving and sleeping and grumbling left in him. He is a perfect old grump muffin, he is the new king of our house and we love him very much. I’m so glad I could give this guy a second chance. Hail Théoden Cat!

Remember: Adopt, don’t shop. If you’re looking for a new friend, visit your local animal shelter. And consider giving a “less adoptable” animal a chance - they all deserve love too!


If Tom Hardy doesn’t sell you, maybe every other cast member will.

4 Signs ‘Mad Max 4’ Is Probably the Craziest Movie Ever Made

#3. The Cast: Bane, a Bunch of X-Men, and the Villain from the First Mad Max

A quick glance at the cast of Mad Max: Fury Road shows us the three main roles will be played by Tom Hardy (legendary creator of the Bane voice), Charlize Theron (legendary trainer of Mighty Joe Young), and Hugh Keays-Byrne (legendary eye-bulging truck magnet from the first Mad Max).

That’s right — that last guy, whom you’ve never heard of, was already in a Mad Max. He played the villainous Toecutter back in 1979, when Mel Gibson was still Australian. [Director/producer/writer George] Miller is taking absolutely no chances with this reboot — he wants a man he can trust to be snarling and murderous (which would explain why he stuck with Gibson for an entire decade).

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